I am a physicist working at the ATLAS experiment
mainly on e/gamma perfomance and photon physics

I currently work in the ATLAS Collaboration since January 1st, 2010. My activity is focused on the performance of the electromagnetic calorimeter and on the photon physics, both within the Standard Model analyses, the study of the Higgs Boson and beyond the SM searches.
You can find more infomation in my detailed CV.


I have been involved in many activies in the ATLAS collaboration. See my CV for details. Here the main ones.

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MVA calibration, e/gamma calibration coordinator

Since the beginning of my PhD I have maintened the Monte Carlo energy calibration of electrons and photons. I have improved it using multi-variate techniques.

In 2014-2015 I have been the coordinator of the calibration subgroup the e/gamma group, focusing on the first calibration for Run 2 and the precision measurements.

Higgs diphoton decay event display


inclusive photon, diphoton, H→γγ, photon-jet searches, γγ exotic searches

During my PhD I have worked in the inclusive photon and diphoton analysis. Then I focused on the H→γγ. At the beginning of Run2 I have moved to the photon-jet analysis and to the search of New Physics in the γγ channel. In 2016-2017 I have been analysis contact for the Higgs coupling measurement in the diphoton channel and the Higgs mass measurement.

Since 2017 I am coordinating the HGam subgroup

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Lar High Voltage

I am an hardware on-call expert and a developer of the Detector Control System for the ATLAS Liquid Argon system

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I have particular interest in software. I have developed a web monitor for the space token usage in my institute. I have tested proof performance on a local cluster. I am a little constributor of the rootpy project. I am the maintainer of several tools used by the collaboration. I developed a tool to easily manage a full list of publication from Inspire HEP and a tool to semi-automatize the loading of publication informations on AIR.

prof. Destri teaching quantum mechanics


I have been assistant of prof. Fernando Palombo during the course "Laboratory of Numerical Treatment of Experimental Data" and of prof. Leonardo Carminati during the course "Laboratory of Numerical Treatment of Experimental Data" and of prof. Attilio Andreazza during the course "Istituzioni di Fisica Nucleare e Subnucleare". I have made a series of lectures about statistics for PhD students.
I’ve been the supervisor of a CERN summer student working in the MVA energy calibration. I have been the supervisor of the master thesis of Marco Rimoldi and Davide Mungo.